Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun

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A seventeen year old girl suffers from a condition that prevents her from being out in the sunlight.
Edition: Blu-ray widescreen version
Copyright Date: Midnight Sun LLC,, ©2017.
Characteristics: 1 blu-ray disc (91 min.) :,sound, colour ;,12 cm
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Sep 27, 2018

Sweet movie about teen love.

Aug 25, 2018

Good movie for teens (hits all the emotional touchpoints). For adults, it's a very familiar teenage love story with the only difference being a disease that hasn't been used before.

Aug 14, 2018

This melodramatic film is about a teenage girl with a rare genetic disorder that causes her to be deathly allergic to sunlight. Only being able to leave the house at night gives her limited options, until her long-time crush notices her and asks her on a date. As the two fall in love and go on night-time dates, they begin to wonder if their unconventional relationship will stand the test of time. This movie reminded me of every other movie like it, and didn’t really offer anything new. Being a typical teenage romance movie, it had very surface level characters and a fairly mundane script. I would rate this movie 2.5/5 stars.
@The_Reviewer of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

***SPOILERS***The 2018 film Midnight Sun, follows Katie Price. Who, because of her life threatening illness to sunlight, has never seen the light of day. On one faithful night playing her guitar, Katie meets Charlie, who shows her there's more to the world than her bedroom window. I just have a few complaints about this film. First, this was one of those movies that explained EVERYTHING to you. They definitely didn't leave anything to chance by explaining her illness, mother's death, Charlie's lost scholarship, etc.. Second, there were also a bunch of tiny details that stood out to me like Bella Throne's awkward lip-syncing or how her hair would switch sides in some scenes, though that's just me nitpicking. So why did I give this movie 4 Stars? To be honest, it was the ending that really won me over. Watching it I couldn't help but smile. I could see myself watching this again and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a teen drama on a Friday night. 4 Stars
@Ruby_Tuesday of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

This was undoubtedly a very heart touching and emotional movie. By the end of the movie, I was shedding tears. I got to learn quite a bit through this movie. I learned about the disease XP (Xeroderma Pigmentosum). This is the disease the main character, Katie, has. If a person diagnosed with XP is exposed to even the smallest ray of sunshine, they can get skin cancer and can die. My favourite part in the movie is the ending. I really love the ending because in the end, Katie knows that she will die sooner or later, but she decides to enjoy her life while she lasts. She and her boyfriend go out sailing in the sunshine and with that, her life comes to an end. Throughout the movie, it talks about how Katie had to stay in her room and look out her window all her life. Her father was very supportive throughout her life. He was her teacher for all subjects and also gave her a graduating diploma. Another person who was very supportive was her best friend Morgan. I really liked the fact that this movie included many connecting parts which can really allow all viewers to think from her perspective and feel her pain. I would definitely recommend watching this movie. Rating- 5/5
- @Vanilla of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Aug 01, 2018

Midnight Sun is a great love movie. You got to see it!

Jul 23, 2018

was good but sad.

Jul 23, 2018

Good acting and not a bad movie overall. I just lost interest because of the theme, not the acting or directing or anything else.

I loved the movie i seen this movie in teathers it was a really good movie Bella Thorne starrs in this movie and i was like i got to see that movie i saw the camceral for this movie i know Bella Thorne from the Hit Disney Channel searies called Shake it up i watched it on Disney channel on t.v it was very good the show this movie is all about a girl named katie who could't be in the sunlight because she had A diesease Witch can kill her if she were out in the day time then she falls in love with a nice boy named Charlie who she saw near her house for meny years and they later go out together but she doesn't tell him about the Disease but they only go out at night but her dad and her best friend are worried about her not telling Charlie she also started in The Duff and Alexander and the terrable horror day witch i barrowed from your collection and mostly ghostly my gilfriend it is also very sad because she can not go outside and her boyfriend wonders why she can not go out with him in the day time people laughed when she said stupid tree because she could's see him getting down the driveway they laughed when her dad said her was hot it made me laugh the way Fred laughed from the train station and the way she laughed too then as she plays her geter Charlie the one who lives by her next door comes to her she gets nerves because she had a crush on him for years just like i do with Lucas as she sang everyone laughed the way she looked at charlie when she stopped playing her music she stood up she drops her money and he said he ddin't mean to freak her wen she was going he asked whats the rush she yeah my cat died everone laughed Me too and they laughed when to plan a funael for my dead catthey laughed too 1 lady said a dead cat oh gees the people laughed when she said like hey i'm kady Price i watched you outside my window for the past 10 years and that i've been in love with you stocking you every minute of the day when her friend says Tayor Swift writes songs kady remembers she left her notebook on the train staiton and she asked her BF to get it 4 her as she is there she sees Patrick holding her notebook and he wants to go to her home and give it to her but she sents a text so she will meet him as she walked she saw him and she walked away saying holy pregnant cow everyone laughed even me i never heard anyone say that before and they laughed when he looked at her say oh my trying to fIx her outfit and people laughed how she described how eyes movie during sleep and he just smiled at her then he said he doesn't know her name i always frget t tell a boy i meet my name ad she tells him but i tell a boy my name very late and he gives it back to her she asked of he read it he said he did a little because he didn't know who it belong to frist she's mad then she understood when he asked what another cat died everyone laughed but she said she has to just go home when they are at the party cause charlie invited Katie a guy said he can pour a cup for her but charlie wanted to take Katie upstairs i can pour a cup for oh shut up she said they laughed in the theatre then she said her mom was in a car accident ans she gave her own own watch as they walk he shows her that he was taking care of a boat over the summer and he tells her he can take it arownd with her arowend the sunset she said that sounds perfect then he touchs her face and they kiss soon he drives her home when he asks whats shes going to do she said online coures and Charlie said no i ment tomorrow laughing oh my god she said she is busy during the day but free at night as she got out the car she said she does not have a cat everyone laughed when she opened the door to get Chinese food and Charlie was there after she told her to try to find someone to share her adventures with and later Charlie said there is a star named Burritorium which is shaped like a burrito and that was funny

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when she said Charlie was in grade 6 i worth a girl is in grade 6 in my paper in theatheres i heard if i were worked up not if i would had just looked up he would had been with her this whole time he said she said he was later she died i said to my brother next to me in teathere what happpen he said she died everyone was sad but when her friend put on the music she heard her vosis Charlie told called her dad told him to trun on the radio and he said yes and said thats my girl put it down the phone he told his workers everyone laughed in the teatheres i should say everyone should watch this movie it is a heartworming story i watched this movie yesterday and finished the end today today was the very frist day i saw thismovie in Sunrise store in the mall Aug 23 2018 .


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