The Catcher Was A Spy

The Catcher Was A Spy

DVD - 2018
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The true story of Moe Berg, professional baseball player, Ivy League graduate, attorney, and a top-secret spy who helped the US win the race against Germany to build the atomic bomb.


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Apr 23, 2019

Based on a fellow that was a good baseball player, had excellent language skills, and was recruited during WWll to become a spy. Seems no one knew that much about his private life, just intimations towards that. So that is a little wish-washy. This film is not boring. It just never seems to get a full commitment from the lead actor. The story is well told, sets are great, costumes, everything that is period, is there. So, I have to agree, the ending is a little letdown. It was worth the watch, but it could have been filled out more script-wise.

Mar 10, 2019

It's based on a true story but...just can't seem to get into this movie like I thought I would. One reason is perhaps that Paul Rudd was just not convincing enough in that role. I just don't feel it. The pacing is also a little off and the movie just seems a bit disjointed in too many parts. Better directing would help.

Feb 26, 2019

Paul Rudd as a so-so professional baseball player Moe Berg gets recruited by the OSS, which later became the CIA. Berg has an ability with languages that gets him on a baseball trip to pre-war Japan where he scouts out the scope of militarization there, then later is sent to Germany to prevent development of the atomic bomb before the U.S. has done so.

Throughout the movie, Rudd's Moe Berg remains an enigma, a fact that will bother some viewers of this movie but that's just the way Berg comes across in the biographies written about him. One is not quite sure what to make of Berg, even at the end of the movie and Berg's friends interviewed in the biographies had that same sense of mystery about him.

Feb 24, 2019

Good moments in deleted scenes, including Moe reading Le Figaro in the dugout during a Red Sox game.

Feb 10, 2019

Excellent, never a dull moment. Moe Berg was an interesting ball player and spy. Went to high school and college in Kansas. Found this on dashboard. Thank you patrons. Ending credits and deleted scenes interesting.

Feb 09, 2019

A story I was unaware of. Moe Berg was a very interesting man and I would like to read more about him.

Jan 09, 2019

Entertaining and mostly well done.

Jan 03, 2019

The movie was very enjoyable, acting was excellent, but the ending was a bit of a let-down. It kind of left you hanging, but then, it was a great true story about a real man. We applaud the fact that it was not embellished at all!

Dec 26, 2018

A nice little WWII movie that dealt more with the espionage aspects behind the war. The movie was more of a character study of a very interesting person that seemed to live a far more interesting life that the movie really shows. It was a nice way to highlight a bit of Moe Berg's life but I would highly suggest reading the book the movie was based off of to really know more about the man. The Catcher Was a Spy: The Mysterious Life of Moe Berg by Nicholas Dawidoff.

Dec 25, 2018

Entertaining to watch the antagonist, a poker-face renaissance man, interacts with common folks as a freakish erudite and professional athlete with sixth sense. However his big spy mission lacked suspense and somewhat anticlimactic. Suggest to watch the deleted scenes which are humorous and on interesting topics. Based on true events and a nonfiction novel. Photos of the real characters were shown at the end of the film.

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Dec 25, 2018

Only a single quote in IMDb this a.m.:
William J. Donovan: You're an unusual man Mr. Berg, you speak 7 languages, you're an athlete, you're more than up to the physical requirements of the job...
Moe Berg: What job?
There are many good quotes in the film as you can see. Also a few very good ones in the deleted scenes as Language of Love (Spy talking to an Italian grandmother):

They just wanted to talk to him.
-You lie well in Italian.
It's the perfect language for it... It's the language of Love.
-French is the language of love.
Oh, that's why I always lied better in French.

Dec 25, 2018

The Luddite theory of human progress in deleted scenes:

There are 20, maybe 30 physicists in the world who really understand this fission business. Key ones who, with enough resources and time to figure it out, can make this bomb.
And if any of them make this bomb, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions will die.
So why don't we just kill them all? There's only 20 or 30 of them. Kill them all, set the while thing back 10, 20, maybe 100 years.
-The Luddite theory of human progress.
-I don't recall them teaching that at Princeton.
They teach it in war.
-It would be cleaner.
-And it certainly makes numerical sense.
-We'd have to kill all the ones on our side, too. Einstein, Bohr, all those guys working for Groves.
That's the only way it would work.

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