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Learn how to use felt, cotton, and linen to create beautifully layered designs full of texture and contrast, then embellish with just a handful of basic embroidery stitches.
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Smart, funny, and generous, Amanda Priebe is a great friend to have ... until the matchmaking bug bites. Deciding that her secretary, Haley, needs a beau, Amanda dreams up the perfect match -- Pastor Mason Eldridge. Never mind that Haley is seeing...
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So, You Want to Read a Romance Novel....
"...but aren't sure where to start? Never fear! Here is a list of some of the best of the best. From old-school contemporaries, to modern love stories, to steampunk London, to paranormal tales of werewolves and magic, to Regency dinner parties! S..."
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Aromatherapy Picks
"A list for those interested in essential oil uses and therapy"
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